Athletistic/Other. About 30 countries, including the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and France, have sent a letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) with a call to explain the definition of neutrality with regard to athletes from Russia and Belarus. In their opinion, until the details on this issue are clarified, Russians and Belarusians should not be allowed to participate in international competitions. It is reported by the Associated Press.

The Russian national weightlifting team has applied to participate in the European championship

“We remain concerned about the extent to which it is acceptable for athletes from Russia and Belarus to compete in Olympic competitions in a neutral status with the IOC condition not to identify with any particular country in a situation where they receive direct financial support from their country, unlike, for example, professional tennis players. We are also concerned about the close ties between Russian athletes and the Russian armed forces. Our common position has always been the inadmissibility of discrimination based on nationality, but these concerns need to be resolved within the IOC.

Until these fundamental issues are clarified, and there is no clarity and specific details on the implementation of the principle of neutrality, we do not agree with the admission of athletes from Russia and Belarus in the competition,” the letter reads.

Zhurova’s reaction to the European Parliament’s condemnation of the IOC’s opinion on the admission of Russians

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