Athletistic/ Figure Skating. Exactly five years ago, world figure skating star Alina Zagitova achieved a true sporting miracle when she won the Olympic Games at the age of 15.

In the fight for the award of the highest level in Pyeongchang, the young student Eteri Tutberidze surpassed the more experienced Evgenia Medvedeva with 1.31 points, who even before her trip to Korea was considered the main favorite of the competition .

Today, February 23, Zagitova posted a video on social media about her triumph at the 2018 Games.

Fans of the figure skater have already left hundreds of comments addressed to their favorite.

Larisa Engelsovna:
The best! Congratulations on the anniversary of the grandiose victory at the Olympiad! As the French commentators have said, it was a moment of absolute perfection! The red ballerina has conquered the whole world and will remain forever in our hearts!

Alla S:
Congratulations, Alina! A historic victory that changed your life!

Congratulations!!! It was a great victory!

Congratulations, beloved champion! Thank you for giving us many unforgettable emotions. We love forever!

Nina Popravko:
You are so precious to us. The pearl is a glorious star, our pride of beauty, the power of harmony, Bravo magic!

Dmitrieva Natalia:
With victory, Alina! Our Olympian! Our love! Pride of Russia! Our pride! Triumphant victory! The legendary Don Quixote! We will never forget the PyeongChang Olympics! We will never forget this happiness! Thank you Alina! Conquered forever!

Our favorite red ballerina! Congratulations on the anniversary of your brilliant victory! Thank you for beauty and strength, work and talent! Gave us a vacation on vacation!

Olga IV:
Alina Zagitova, you are the queen, you are the winner, you are our GOLDEN OLYMPIC CHAMPION. Your programs at the Olympic Games have entered the golden decor of figure skating. Our incomparable red ballerina. Long live, queen!

Marina Cherepanova:
How time flies ! We are proud! This is a triumphant breakthrough! Always in my heart!!!

Ulyanova Tatiana:
I have just reviewed Alinochka’s two Olympic programs: Black Swan and Don Quixote! It is a marvelous miracle! The most incredible programs! The most convincing performances! Alinochka, happy birthday! May your shining star always shine! Be healthy and happy! And we, your fans will always be with you! We love you a lot!!!

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