Guberniev on Tarasova’s withdrawal from commentator work: “Freedom to Tatyana Anatolyevna!”

“” commentator Dmitri Guberniev supported the honored coach of the USSR Tatiana Tarasova who was suspended from his job as a television commentator at figure skating tournaments.

Earlier, Tatyana Tarasova told that she cannot comment on competitions on Channel One due to sanctions from the channel’s sports broadcasting chief executive, Olga Chernosvitova.

“I have known Olya Chernosvitova for eight hundred thousand years. He is an active person and a great professional. I remember those dizzying moments when Olya and Channel One banned me from streaming on a very popular social network. Not only banned, but also wrote letters, called the European Broadcasting Union and IBU. The social network of Dima Guberniev, a modest commentator from Skhodnya, not only competed with Channel One at the Biathlon World Championships, but also defeated Channel One. What could I show there? View from the window, a small piece of the monitor. Many remarks were made to me, they said that you can only show your beautiful Skhodno face. I am proud that for many years I have successfully competed not only with Channel One, with Olga Chernosvitova, with my wonderful friend, but also won against them. Where is Channel One and where is Skhodnya’s Dima Guberniev social media?! It’s David and Goliath, so to speak.

As for Tatyana Anatolyevna Tarasova, I wish her not to lose heart, she has already proven everything to everyone. The day will come when Tatyana Anatolyevna and I will merge in figure skating ecstasy and brilliantly comment on an interplanetary figure skating tournament. For Tatyana Anatolyevna, here we need to develop and help great commentators in every possible way, and not limit their activities. I/We are Tatyana Tarasova. Freedom for Tatyana Anatolyevna, Guberniev told .

Source : MatchTV

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