/ Figure Skating. Sports psychologist Victoria Borzenkova shared her opinion on European figure skating champion Alena Kostornaya’s transition to pair skating. Earlier, the athlete confirmed that she will now perform in pairs.

“Alena has really already taken place and, probably, as a person is quite strong, since she has achieved these successes. Often single girls, going beyond sports, find it difficult to form personal relationships. Why “Because a strong type has formed and there is no compromise. Our sport means black or white, and the lack of flexibility – such rigidity – does not allow interaction. I am in my fifties, I’m in my fifties or we’re somewhere in between find.

Kostornaya: “The only thing I regret is the Olympics”

But that’s all there is to teach. As a general rule, even when working in cyberteams, there is a difficulty in the fact that when working as a team, the common goal must be higher than personal ambitions. Naturally, when you are a strong athlete, you are very ambitious and it is very difficult for you to rely on the opinion of another. In pairs, this must develop, ”quotes Championship Borzenkov.