Six barspins – what is it? Russian horseman Fominov entered history and the Russian record books

Six barspins – what is it?  Russian horseman Fominov entered history and the Russian record books

“It’s long been accepted in our community that if someone does a new trick – it’s called a world premiere, the first time in the world – then they immediately post it on social media, gaining views , likes,” says Nikita. – I found out that there is a Book of Records of Russia, I decided, for fun, to go there too. For the Guinness Book of Records, several conditions must be met there, there are a lot of hassles, in addition so far Russians are not entered. And the Russian record book is quite.

From the moment I started skating, I liked barspins (turning the steering wheel 360° – approx. “”), I was good at them. You do many, many repetitions, the brain begins to better understand how it works, the muscles too. I did five barspins, then a year later I thought – it should happen soon that there will be six.

In general, this is such a trick that you should not dwell on it, fine motor skills are put to use. You think of the sixth, and you lose the first. So I didn’t really catch on, I made three attempts at home – it fit or not. Just to check, you know, day or no day. And then the day came when it all worked out.

Was the camera ready?

– Well yes! Every time I asked the guys – remove it, who is not lazy, it will suddenly work.

How long will the recording last?

– Few people do five barspins, no one will repeat six in the next few years.

– Did they send you something from the Russian record book to confirm the record?

– Nice certificate. Something to hang on the wall!

– How did you come to this sport? Although, probably, rather initially – in street culture.

– Yes it was. I went to the skatepark – there are guys there. I went rollerblading, there were still such aggressive ones, then a skill appeared – a scooter. But at some point it got boring – I decided to try BMX. For a long time I did not treat all this as a sport, only in recent years, when regional teams and the training camps themselves appeared in Russia.

– Now that BMX freestyle is official, will children come to this sport earlier?

– I think so. Now there are already 12 year olds with a good level of bike understanding, control. Some things the child will not do without some physical strength, you have to grow up, but he will start skating at a younger age.

– Hints – everything is clear. But if according to the classics, how many kilometers can you cycle?

– A lot of. In general, we work a lot on pumping up stamina. Our competition is to do as many tricks as possible in one minute, ride as well as possible, use the tricks that are given… It’s a mountain of work.

And we have serious training: there is speed-strength training, just indoor strength training, specialization and deep specialization.

– Which is more dangerous – BMX flying or BMX freestyle?

– I can not tell. In a BMX flight, the guys travel at high speed. For example, after a minute of trying, we have to do two somersaults, and if something goes wrong, it will also turn out to be very sad.

– When was the most unpleasant fall?

— Fell unpleasantly a few times, but nothing serious. I try to approach everything with my head. Falls usually happen when you’re overconfident and stumble on the simplest things.

– I have heard top divers say that in their sport, you have to be afraid. Do you have the same?

– A healthy instinct for self-preservation, of course, should be. You can’t think you’re immortal, you need to properly assess your strengths.

What did your parents say when you started BMX freestyle?

“For a while they were against it and were skeptical about it all. The first competitions I wanted to go to were in Moscow. Leaving St. Petersburg to go there… It was a shock for them! They said I wasn’t going anywhere. In the end, he didn’t tell anyone and left. It was my first amateur competition and I won it. When I came back, they didn’t speak to me for a long time.

Well, then when it became clear that I was burning for it, when I started winning, things changed. They support me. Sometimes I sit at home, dad calls and asks: “There is such and such a contest, why don’t you go?”

Mom didn’t do it often, but still saw me skating live. Dad had never seen him until recently. I took them to Kazan – and look at the city, and see how I ride.

– Returning to the first question – how do you do now without the possibility of earning money on advertising in prohibited social networks?

We adapt to the circumstances. We have always had some kind of integration with partners, there are business partners – a store that supports me, different brands.

There is also a show format – a common story for us. We travel to cities, perform. It’s fun and cool enough to keep in mind that BMX freestyle is not just a sport, but also a way to have a good time with friends. In addition, it is a way to earn money and rather well in our realities.

– How to keep this atmosphere of movement and spectacle when the sport becomes official?

– Lots of discussion on this topic. The people were divided into two camps. There are those who think that inclusion in the Olympic program has a very bad effect, others think that it is good. Also, for every BMX it was something different. For some it’s a way to have fun and ride with the guys, while for others a sporty approach has always been front and center.

As a result, someone got new opportunities thanks to Olympic status, but for those who just skated, nothing changed. With competitions it became a little more difficult, bureaucratic difficulties arose, but at the same time business start-ups remained. Recently I flew from Africa, I just participated in such an event.

Do you try to participate in international tournaments under the aegis of the UCI? After all, you have such an opportunity, the difficulty is to find a country ready to receive you. Do I understand correctly?

– Naturally, everyone wants to go to international competitions – both to ride and to meet friends from other teams. Some countries don’t really want to accept Russian athletes anymore, but there are those who don’t care and invite themselves. If the opportunity arises, why not?

Source : MatchTV

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