“If they offer a good job, after this season I will think about ending my career.” Ustyugov Interview

“If they offer a good job, after this season I will think about ending my career.”  Ustyugov Interview

On Saturday, Ustyugov won gold in the sprint at the national championship, covering a distance of 1.7 km in 4 minutes 4.24 seconds. Silver went to Alexander Terentiev (+3.47), bronze to Alexander Bolshunov (+4.56).

After the finish, the Olympic champion spoke in detail with the journalists.

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– At “Champion Heights”, you said you were just running away. Have you fled now?

– Today in the prologue I felt: I am quite ready. I even held back a little towards the end. Skiathlon tomorrow, we’ll see.

In principle, I have completed the minimum task, I have a gold medal, I can no longer go to the start. Nobody demands anything from me, as you noticed, today I was the only one from the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug in the prologue. It’s sad that this is happening. Someone to run. I will stop and the Khanty will be excluded from Russian ski races. Although until recently they won relay races with the composition of Dementiev – Ustyugov – Legkov – Turyshev. Now we are passed on a circle and make a gesture of goodwill, not abandoning the race. Sad story, I was left alone.

— Team sprint?

– I don’t plan to run team races. There are a lot of guys, let them get some experience, I’ll focus on the personal starts. None of the coaches of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug knows about it yet, hasn’t told them. I spoke to Markus Kramer and informed him.

– Will you all participate in individual races?

– Except for the “fifty dollars”, probably. Ahead will be the Yugra Marathon – I will be running long distances there on April 7-8. I would like to start in both races, 50 classics and skate, there is a good prize pool. Hometown, you cannot miss such an event.

Then I will go to Monchegorsk, where I will start at 70 km. There is a mood, it is necessary to put a tick. As my first trainer Bragin says, whoever didn’t run 70 didn’t become a man. I’m going to try my hand at super distance, and you can slowly think about what to do next.

– In terms of?

– It will be a good job – you can sum it up. I’m not guessing, we’ll see how it all goes, but generally it does.

Is coaching a good job?

– The coach has to travel a lot, but I would like to spend more time with my family.

– So a management position?

“I don’t know, by God. They will offer coaching – probably, I agree. I can be a consultant. I asked management a question last year – so far there is no response.

– The leadership of the FLGR?

— No, I am not applying for this organization. Let’s close the topic. The season continues, all decisions will be made later. The financial question is also important. Today I ran four times – I won 150,000 rubles. Where else can this happen?

– The current peak of form is a consequence of which training period?

– Skiers train all year round, but last summer I did not plow for wear, at times I let myself go. After January 5, I started to clearly fill in all the training plan that Markus Kramer sent to me, I was in constant contact with him. He called me today, after arrival he saw the missed one. Probably sitting in shock and not understanding what is going on.

Thanks to Kramer, I feel and understand how I have to prepare. Many coaches don’t like it, but the result speaks for itself. Many thanks to Marcus for his help.

– By starting to work seriously in January, did you show that summer training is not so important?

– No. If you want to show consistent results throughout the year, solid summer preparation is essential. Have a base, to have enough. But for individual start-ups, a monthly fee is sufficient. Today I won, and even if it doesn’t work in other races, I’m still happy.

– After the finish, you took a sip of cola. Is it a tradition or is there something we don’t know?

– I really wanted to drink cola before the race. Yesterday and today there were days when I was nervous, I was very worried before the start. Usually cheerful, I was joking, but here he was not himself, withdrawn and sleepy. I sniffed ammonia before the race – even he didn’t wake me up. I needed a way to cheer up.

– Not very early turned off in the quarter-finals at the finish line, because of what you almost got overtaken?

I looked around, I thought I was in control. He told Yakimushkin, “Vanek, it’s time to light up.” It would be epic if we lost, but it went well.

– How do you find the long distance of the Tyumen sprint?

– Terentiev’s sprinter came second, didn’t he? So everything is fine.

– He himself said it was a different sport.

– But San Sanych Bolshunov won at the same time.

“” shows the Alfa Bank Russian championship in cross-country skiing (March 18-26, Tyumen region). Watch live broadcasts of the tournament on the federal channel and thematic channels of the holding, as well as on the sites matchtv.ru and sportbox.ru.

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