Enbert on the show program tournament: “It expands the possibilities of creativity. Figure skating is not only a sport, but also an art.

Olympic silver medalist in pair skating Alexandre Enbert in a chat with , he shared his emotions from the show’s program tournament.

The competitions took place on Saturday in Moscow. Won first place Alexei Yagudine the second – Victoria Sinitsina And Nikita Katsalapov third – Anna Shcherbakova .

— It seems to me that the idea of ​​the tournament has come true. Athletes prepared, created a lot of interesting things. Really very creative approach to this tournament. Everything was new, fresh, exclusive. On the side of the athletes and the organizers, everything was 100%. Such an unusual tournament where you back exponential numbers is a very interesting feeling.

This greatly expands the field of creativity. After the appearance of great performances, directed by Tatyana Navka or Ilya Averbukh, the public is already well aware that figure skating is not only a sport, but also an art. It’s sort of a new step. I had fun yesterday.

— Are the results of the tournament fair?

– These competitions are not about justice (laughs). To be honest, I wouldn’t pay much attention to it. It was interesting to see how the numbers are evaluated by creative people who were part of the jury and who have nothing to do with figure skating. I have no questions and cannot be. The only criteria here is “like it or don’t like it”. Here, it is impossible to say that someone skated more, took more steps, jumped more. There are jury members, and if they tune into the athlete’s number, live the story he’s telling, then, of course, they love him,” Enbert told .

Source : MatchTV

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