Biathlete Noskova: “If I have a chance to race with skiers again, I will do special training so as not to catch the technique of a sheet”

russian biathlete Ekaterina Noskova told the difference between skiing and biathlon, as well as the impossibility of running “classics” at a serious level.

Biathletes Noskova and Elizaveta Kaplina competed in the recent Alfa-Bank Russian Ski Championship. Over a distance of 10 kilometers freestyle, they respectively took 21st and 33rd places. In the team sprint, Noskova and skier Alena Perevozchikova won silver medals.

– How much did you have to change course in the ski starts without a rifle behind your shoulders?

We discussed it with the coaches. They tried to make people understand that you have to run a little differently, push more with your back. In biathlon, the race is shorter, because of the rifle, the back does not work like that. Everyone spoke, but it was not possible to reorganize quickly. Training without a rifle is one thing, competition is another, it takes time to adapt. If I have the opportunity to race with skiers again, I will try to organize special training sessions so as not to catch material off the sheet on the track.

– Apparently you will have to train in the next few days, because you have the Yugra Ski Marathon ahead of you.

– I ran it last year, I came in fourth. I liked it, especially since we were lucky with the weather. The ski slope looked brilliant, we ran, you might say, on the crust, in terms of time, it turned out to be the fastest of all the marathons in Yugra. I have already looked at the forecast, it is possible that this year the situation with the crust will repeat itself. But “ten” and “fifty dollars” are completely different races. In the first 25 kilometers of a marathon, no one rushes anywhere, everyone goes in a big group, then the breaks start. A short distance is more critical for movement technique.

– Do you consider classic races with skiers for you?

– Biathletes train with “classics”, but we use it more for recovery purposes. Other muscles work, the “classic” is not used by us for development or speed-strength purposes. The muscles necessary for this movement are simply not developed by biathletes to the required degree,” Noskova said in an interview with .

At the PARI Russian Biathlon Championships held in Khanty-Mansiysk, Noskova won two medals – gold in the mixed relay and silver in the pursuit.

On April 1, on , as well as and, watch live broadcasts of the women’s relay race (from 8.40 a.m. Moscow time) and the men’s mass start (from 11.40 a.m. Moscow time). of Moscow) as part of the tournament.

Source : MatchTV

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