Arina Averina won three gold medals in individual exercises at the first stage of the Strongest Cup

russian gymnast Arina Averine won in three individual disciplines at the first stage of the Strongest Cup, which takes place in Moscow.

Averina scored 37.15 points in the hoop exercise. Second place goes to her sister Dina Averine (36.30), the third – Esmina Rakhimova from Uzbekistan (32.55). In the exercise with the ball, Arina Averina also celebrated the victory, earning 34.40 points. Silver was won by Dina Averina (34.55), bronze was won by Silva Sargsyan from Armenia (33.45).

In the club exercise, the result of Arina Averina was 36.40, Dina Averina – 34.35, the third was the representative of Uzbekistan Ekaterina Fetisova (32.35).

Dina Averina became the first in the ribbon exercise (34.85), the second – Arina Averina (34.20). Third place was taken by Esmina Rakhimova with 31.85 points.

In competitions with hoop and ball, maces and ribbons, in which marks were awarded according to the new rules, Lala Kramarenko excelled (respectively 39.80; 40.85; 42.40 and 37.40 points). Anastasia Guzenkova became the second in the hoop (36.85), the third – Daria Trubnikova (35.80). Anna Popova (38.40) won silver on ball, Anastasia Guzenova (36.40) won bronze. In the exercise with a ribbon, Alina Protasova won silver (37.45), Vladislav Nikolaenko won bronze (37.40).

Source : MatchTV

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