Scoring system at World Team Championship is objective, says Enbert

Olympic silver medalist in figure skating Alexandre Enbert Commenting on the South Korean team’s runner-up finish at the World Team Trophy, he told that the tournament’s scoring system was objective.

The South Korean team (95 points) took second place in the tournament, despite the fact that the dance duo and the sports couple of the short and free programs were the last. Team USA won with 120, while Team Japan completed the top three with 94.

“It’s an interesting set of circumstances. A very unexpected result. The South Korean national team took second place thanks to women’s and men’s single skating. It’s great that this happened. That’s why sport is beautiful – any team can win and get on the podium.

Can the scoring rules be revised after that? If after every time someone doesn’t like something, we revise the rules, then we won’t understand what kind of sport we are playing. It is clear that there are certain interests of different countries. Someone in the team has all the events on the same level, someone, like Korea, we see that the singles are very strong, while the couples and dances are lagging behind.

It seems to me that the system that awards 12 points to win the program is quite objective, considering the performance of the team as a whole. I didn’t feel like any country was head and shoulders above the same Korea, if you take the whole tournament. Yes, Japan has strong girls, pairs and dances are much stronger, but this team’s men’s individual skating didn’t perform at full strength. I think this rating system will hold up, even if someone doesn’t like something,” Enbert told .

Source : MatchTV

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