‘It’s like Katsalapov is banned from entering Uganda’ – Zhulin on Zelensky’s sanctions

ban russian skater Nikita Katsalapov entering Ukraine is tantamount to banning him from entering Uganda, the athlete’s coach told Alexander Zhulin .

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has imposed sanctions on a number of Russian athletes. The corresponding decree was published on the website of the official website of the head of state. More than 80 people were on the sanction list, including skaters Katsalapov, Mark Kondratyuk, Alexander Gallyamov, Dmitry Aliev, Ivan Bukin, Alexandra Boikova, Alexandra Stepanova and many others.

– How do you assess the fact that a large number of Russian skaters are on this sanction list?

– I’m afraid that our skaters who are on this list don’t really want to go. And so many years will not yet be torn apart. It is as if Katsalapov was banned from entering Uganda. Pretty much the same. Who needs Ukraine, no one is going there for the next ten years. I hope sooner. I hope it will all be called another country already, that’s all,” Zhulin told .

The duration of the sanctions is five years. They involve the blocking of assets, the prohibition of commercial operations, the transit of resources, flights and transport through the territory of Ukraine, the end of cultural exchanges, scientific cooperation, educational and sports contacts, entertainment programs with foreign states and foreign legal entities, refusal of visas, application of other bans on entering the territory of Ukraine, deprivation of state awards of Ukraine, l ‘prohibition of the transfer of rights to objects of intellectual property rights, the prohibition of acquiring land.

Source : MatchTV

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