Kolesnikov said which reality show he would like to be on: “Are there any worms? I am a pass”

Swimming world record holder, Olympic medalist Kliment Kolesnikov He said he doesn’t mind being on some sort of comedy TV show, but reality testing isn’t for him.

Kolesnikov will start on April 16 at the Russian Championship in Kazan. He is preparing for this tournament at the base of Krugloe Lake.

– Previously, all doors were open, all ways – anywhere, now there is no such possibility. It’s not that everyone reconciled, just before that, especially in the midst of a pandemic, it seemed like we were locked up here in Krugly, now there’s no such feeling,” Kolesnikov told . .

– Maybe you should organize a reality show in Krugloy, like in the early 2000s? Will it be interesting?

— By looking in what format. Sitting by the fire discussing what’s going on… I don’t know. But if it was possible to do something like that, to burn out, why not?

– Would you participate in The Last Hero? Or in something similar?

– “Fort Boyard” (laughs)? I prefer to be in comedies. I am not particularly attracted to such unusual tasks …

– Of the category there are verses for speed?

– I definitely made it.

Source : MatchTV

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