“There is no negativity in the communication, but if you read foreign sites, they are not waiting for us anywhere.” Kolesnikov on admission, records and thoughts on the future

For the second consecutive year, the Russian Long Course Championship is not a qualification for the big international departures – the Russians are excluded. Kolesnikov is preparing to perform in Kazan – here in 2022 he broke the world record, which is awaiting ratification.

Clement how was the off-season?

– We sat at the base of Lake Krugloe a lot more than usual. There was a training camp every month except the week with the Moscow championship and a break between races at the base. Training, preparation. The house is the base.

– It is often said that such a stay on the “Krugly” is hard.

– It is not difficult for me, I normally perceive this mode. And now I think a lot of guys would say it’s not really boring. There is a calm atmosphere, the training mode is generally cool.

Previously, all doors were open, all ways – anywhere, now there is no such possibility. It’s not that everyone reconciled, just before that, especially at the height of the pandemic, it seemed like we were locked up here in Krugly, now there is no such feeling.

– Maybe you should organize a reality show in Krugloy, like in the early 2000s? Will it be interesting?

— By looking in what format. Sitting by the fire discussing what’s going on… I don’t know. But if it was possible to do something like that, to burn out, why not.

– Would you participate in The Last Hero? Or in something similar?

– “Fort Boyard” (laughs)? I prefer to be in comedies. I’m not particularly drawn to such unusual tasks…

– Of the category there are verses for speed?

– I definitely made it.

– How was the Moscow championship, which took place on March 20?

“It was just a launch. Since December there have been no starts, it was necessary to compete, see how you feel, assess your strengths and understand from your well-being what to do in the remaining weeks before the Russian Championship.

– You didn’t want to add something to your standard distance program at the Russian Championship?

We thought about it, but we decided that another time. Maybe at the Russian Cup or in short course. The Russian Championship is the main start, you have to swim it, and then we’ll see.

– Why did you decide to participate in the Russian Cup stage in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk?

– A week after the Russian championship, the state of health will not go anywhere, there is an opportunity to keep fit, maybe even get better. Plus, there are two days of departures – it will be a thrill. Moreover, I had a rare chance to visit such a distant point of our country.

– Are you waiting for the ratification of the world record? Every once in a while, someone asks the question “why is it taking so long?” But it’s been longer, I think.

I also thought it was weird at first. And then I saw that guys from other national teams didn’t have confirmed records yet.

Are you thinking of new records now?

“I never think of them. They come as inspiration (laughs). I don’t like making predictions and I don’t want to.

How did you take the IOC’s recommendations?

– We will wait for the decision of our federation, in general, the general decision of our sport. We will be with them. A team is a team.

– Are you internally prepared not to have a start at the World Championships in Fukuoka?

– Most likely, yes, it will be so … In general, when communicating with those you know, with whom you have swum, there is no negativity. You read foreign sites – we are not expected anywhere. The emphasis is on the preparation in any case for the Olympic Games. There may be common ground.

– Before the Tokyo Olympics, did you perceive all these stories more easily with a possible non-admission?

– Now there is already a realization that there are still unrealized things in a sports career … And if the situation develops in such a way that you cannot achieve them, and you have prepared for them all your life, it becomes really sad.

On the other hand, every year I find something new, interesting for me, my view of the world changes … In extreme cases, you can live without the gold medal of the Olympics.

– I saw that you organize master classes off season. How are the prints?

“Children have their own vision of sport. There were funny moments when they asked me to get up right away and swim one on one “quarter”. For me, such master classes are an opportunity to share experiences, for guys – to learn something new. It seems to me that the main thing here is that they see that I am not doing anything extraordinary for my results, I am not different from them in any way, I am not focusing only on myself. After all, I’m not a superstar, just an athlete. It is valuable for them that they can learn some tips, nuances of preparation directly from me.

So overall I liked it. I learned for myself what master classes are in their current sense. It’s such an interactive party when you can communicate on the same level with each other.


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Source : MatchTV

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