Athletistic/Figure Skating. State Duma deputy Roman Teryushkov reacted to the words of figure skating coach Alexander Zhulin, who advised not to open the mouths of deputies who call for a boycott of international competitions.

  • Zhulin on Ukraine sanctions against figure skaters: ‘It’s like Katsalapov is banned from entering Uganda’

“Tarasova, like Zhulin, puts the careers of athletes above everything else. They care little for the interests of the state, for them the main thing is titles and fees. They are typical representatives of world sport.

Soviet sport has always been associated with national pride. And in Russian sports, according to federal law, an athlete is endowed with a high right to speak on behalf of the Russian Federation under the flag and with the coat of arms on his chest. Not with the possibility of playing with the national flag, as business coaches Tarasova and Zhulin interpret it, but with an inseparable civic duty for a Russian athlete.

Before opening his mouth and giving advice to the highest legislative body of the Russian Federation, the aunt of Alexei Tarasov, an ardent admirer of Navalny and the Belarusian failure Maidan, like the American citizen Zhulin, he is necessary to postpone the coach’s whistle and delve into the science of public administration for at least 10-20 years. In the meantime, they only have sufficient jurisdiction to promote the stripping of Russian state sovereignty in the global sports arena, as demanded by the Western collective.

Russia does not need such business coaches, our country has always been based on patriots,” Teryushkov said.

  • Zhulin condemned Kostornaya for his comments about Tutberidze: “When she won the European Championship, everything suited her”

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