“Recently, I gave competition medals to small children. It motivates them a lot.” — Ivanyuk

Russian high jumper Ilya Ivanyuk said he could give a Moscow Athletics Week medal to young children.

World Championship medalist Ivanyuk showed a result of 2.31 meters on Tuesday, losing in attempts Danila Lyssenko . Third place was taken by the representative of Turkey Aset Alperen.

As part of the competition, Ivanyuk unsuccessfully tried to take a height of 2.35 three times.

– How many millimeters were not enough to take 2.35?

I don’t know what was missing. I was alone, without a coach, so I had to think with my head. Objectively, it was not enough for the bar to move. I would take it back a bit, and everything would be fine. But I got up, I saw it, I understood it. I had to do one thing, but I was afraid to do it. And so, as some fans told me, it was kind of valid.

Now the task is to rest, recover quickly at home, because on Saturday we are already performing well. It’s been a pretty tough week – Friday I jumped in Bryansk, today is Tuesday – I’m jumping here, well Saturday again I’m competing here. My record here is 2.34. I will try to beat him.

– Upset because of second place?

– Yes, no longer because of the place, but because of the result. 2.31… But in a recent interview I said that at all competitions they would jump at least 2.30. Until I keep my promise. Therefore, you can put a four for this start.

– Will this medal, received from the hands of Javier Sotomayor, fall into the treasure of the most memorable?

If she comes home. Because I have a tradition lately – giving little kids competition medals. This motivates them very much, – the correspondent of reports the words of Ivanyuk.

Athletics Week takes place in Moscow from June 5-10. As part of it, show races with the participation of sports and media stars, a day of high jumps, a day of long and triple jumps, a day of sprints and the memorial of the Znamensky brothers are planned.

Source : MatchTV

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