“I was shocked when the girl said she wanted to marry me” – Sergey Shubenkov

Hurdles World Champion Sergei Shubenkov admitted he was shocked when a fan hugged him during an interview and said she wanted to marry him.

On Monday, Shubenkov won the 60m hurdles staged on Nikolskaya Street as part of Moscow Athletics Week. After that, while he was giving an interview, a fan approached him, hugged him and told him that she wanted to marry him.

On Wednesday, Shubenkov won the Sprint Day in the 110m hurdles. This departure also took place within the framework of the week of athletics.

– The girl who wanted to marry you, was that a decree?

– No.

– How come she crawled right under the camera?

– I don’t know.

“Were you shocked?”

– I was shocked! Plus, when she arrived, I smelled the cognac on my face!

For courage, I suppose.

– Yeah probably. Anyway.

“But they didn’t exchange contacts?” Was it all talk?

– No. Well, she’s pretty. Then she holds out her hand for me to sign, and it says “17”. I think, here, that she is still 17 years old! And she wants to get married! Great. But she offered to wait. He says, “Let’s wait 10 years and then…”

– You didn’t look for her on the podium when you started?

“By the way, it’s a strange thing. The grandstand is there, and the starts are there. They would have done it like the Americans – along that straight, everyone was standing near the podium. What – what stops us?

“That year, there were not enough barriers…

– And now, along the way, that wasn’t enough either. The same eight lanes stood, and seven of them were still warming up. There were seven hurdles in the warm-up! Ha!

“But that year, it didn’t exist at all.

“Yes, they must have been dragged out of the arena. On the north core, the grandstand is directly in front of the walkway. And here is something wrong. Although here you can see that everything is done under the TV. People are sitting on the podium – they are buried in phones, – the correspondent reports Shubenkov’s words.

Athletics Week takes place in Moscow from June 5-10. As part of it, show races with the participation of sports and media stars, a day of high jumps, a day of long and triple jumps, a day of sprints and a memorial to the Znamensky brothers are planned.

Source : MatchTV

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