Sergey Shubenkov: “It will not be possible to evenly sit on the priest, go to the bathhouse and run at 1:20 p.m., as in 2018”

World champion Sergei Shubenkov said that without hard work, he can no longer show the results he achieved in 2018.

On Wednesday, Shubenkov became the Sprint Day winner in the 110m hurdles as part of Moscow Athletics Week. Shubenkov covered the distance in 13.42 seconds. The second place was taken by Vitaly Parakhonko (13.542), the third – Anatoly Kiselev (13.546).

How do you set your goals for this season?

– This season, I have only as a result. Therefore, the objectives are: result, ranking, return to the international group in the top 20, close the Olympic standard of 13.27. These objectives are purely related to time, to results. Win it all, of course.

– No obsessive fear of losing?

– Constantly. Actually yes and no. The moral is: you have to work. It won’t be possible to evenly sit on the priest, enjoy life, go to the bathhouse and run at 1:20 p.m., like I did in 2018. So for now it’s not working . Need to work. If you work hard, it’s not scary to lose. If you lose, the guys worked better.

– From this injury in Tokyo, there are no more after-effects?

– Everything is possible. Everything feels good, – the correspondent of transmits the words of Shubenkov.

Athletics Week takes place in Moscow from June 5-10. As part of it, show races with the participation of sports and media stars, a day of high jumps, a day of long and triple jumps, a day of sprints and the memorial of the Znamensky brothers are planned. Watch the live broadcasts of Athletics Week on the Match group channels.

Source : MatchTV

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