“The atmosphere was super cool. Everything is compact, cozy and warm” – Shubenkov about the show held on Nikolskaya

Hurdles World Champion Sergei Shubenkov said that during the show races on Nikolskaya Street as part of the week of athletics, there was a super cool atmosphere.

Athletics Week takes place in Moscow from June 5-10. On Monday, as part of it, show races were held on Nikolskaya Street in Moscow. Shubenkov won the 60m hurdles.

On Thursday, he won Sprint Day in the 110m hurdles. Shubenkov covered the distance in 13.42 seconds. The second place was taken by Vitaly Parakhonko (13.542), the third – Anatoly Kiselev (13.546).

— Compared to what happened in Sochi, is it better today?

– Of course better. I’m getting back in shape, little by little I’m coming to my senses. The Athletics Week in this regard turns out to be a successful event – the competitions are going well. This is called competitive training. That is to say that I compete, but at the same time I also train. I just ran, pumped, and that means Saturday I’m going to run even faster. I hope. But you need to rest well.

– Did the Nikolskaya athletics festival give you a lot of energy?

– Yes! I was a little tired, because I only had to run 60 meters, not 110. In terms of labor costs, these are different things. Well, the atmosphere there was great. Everything was compact, comfortable and warm. All of our guys, the Turks came to Moscow to show off, who I know. Cubans are terribly talkative – they climb up to hug each other, ask how you are.

“Have you learned anything from the legends of the past?”

What can I get from them? It wasn’t about that. Basically “Hello, how are you?” It was just a warm, homemade event. I can’t even call it a competition. There were such nuances in the sports part: no normal warm-up, no starting zone, but the TV picture is good, ”reports the correspondent of in the words of Shubenkov.

Watch the live broadcasts of Athletics Week on the Match group channels.

Source : MatchTV

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