“Before our cooperation with Gorbacheva, I had not seen any of her tournaments” – choreographer Komolov

Choreographer Sergei Komolov, in an interview with , said that he had practically not followed Russian figure skating lately, and also explained how the work of directing a short program for Alina Gorbacheva .

Komolov in Dubai trains two representatives of the Cypriot national team – Stefania Yakovleva and Marilena Kitromilis. In May, it became known that Komolov delivered the short program “Vostok” to Russian junior champion Alina Gorbacheva. Previously, he also directed the short program “Pushkin” for Matvey Vetlugin.

– You recently worked with Alina Gorbacheva. What program was installed?

– They wanted to change the court even earlier, but they did well not to change it. We kind of talked passively in the winter, reduced this issue to nothing, and after the end of the season we resumed the conversation. I always have a positive attitude towards cooperation. If there is an opportunity to fly, then I invite everyone to Dubai. Here you will find good conditions for staging. We put the Egyptian theme. Alina even posted a piece of the program on social networks.

Have you worked with her before?

– Before our cooperation, I had not seen a single tournament of Alina. It turns out that I have moved away from Russian figure skating a bit and practically do not follow the competitions. When contacted me [Софья] Fedchenko, I knew only one Gorbachev – the former president of the USSR.

So far I have nothing to compare. When Alina’s first tournament with my program takes place, I will already be able to evaluate the result. I’m sure we’ll meet with them this summer to work out the program.

– Why did they decide to set up a free program with Nikita Mikhailov?

Because he’s a great director. They have been working with Nikita for a long time. It is a good idea to bet with someone who has already had a good result. Besides, he’s in Moscow, it’s convenient,” Komolov told .

Source : MatchTV

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