“Vetlugin at the show program tournament “grabbed” more PR than it would have with the second line” – choreographer Komolov

Choreographer Sergei Komolov, in an interview with , said that the figure skater Matvey Vetlugin took more than the rest of the show program tournament, despite low performance ratings.

The show program tournament was held on March 18 in Moscow. Vetlugin received 14.91 points for the performance, where he parodied elements of other skaters’ hire, and took 21st out of 24.

– Did you watch the show program tournament? How do you like Matvey’s indicative number?

– It’s good. What the show should look like, that’s how he made it. Parody is a difficult genre. It’s not easy enough not to be vulgar in this, Vetlugin didn’t imitate the skaters, but parodied them.

– Do you agree with the final result?

– Was this tournament about the result? Matvey skated worse than Yagudin. Vetlugin’s idea was interesting, but figure skating didn’t make it. And Yagudin skated a full program, he was definitely better. It’s probably unfair that Matvey took second to last place (actually 21st out of 24 entrants – ed. approx). But with him he “grabbed” more PR than he would have with the second line. A thousand interviews have been taken from him, a thousand reviews have been written about his program. He took more than the others from the show’s program tournament, Komolov told .

Komolov lives in Dubai and trains two representatives of the Cypriot national team – Stefania Yakovleva and Marilena Kitromilis. In May, it became known that Komolov delivered the short program “Vostok” to Russian junior champion Alina Gorbacheva. Previously, he also directed the short program “Pushkin” for Matvey Vetlugin.

Full interview with Sergey Komolov:

Source : MatchTV

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