Three weeks after the final of the World Championship in the weight category above 100 kg, Russian judoka Inal Tasoev was awarded a well-deserved gold medal.

On May 13, the fate of Tasoev’s fight with Frenchman Teddy Riner in the World Championship final was decided in extra time before the first effective action. The Russian athlete made such an action, but the judges did not react, and then the Frenchman received a point for a similar move. Later, the International Judo Federation (IJF) admitted the mistake and apologized to Tasoev.

“After a thorough expert analysis and in accordance with the current judging rules, a point could have been awarded for Inal Tasoev’s counter-attack. Therefore, the International Judo Federation declares the two athletes the winners of the competition and awards Tasoev the gold medal and the corresponding gold scoring points,” read a statement on the official IJF website.

  • Russian judokas win two medals at the 2023 World Championships in Doha

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