“Now you can take care of your health, and when there are international tournaments again, maybe Kolyada will want to come back” – Kovtun

Four-time Russian champion Maxim Kovtun in a conversation with , he did not rule out that when Russian skaters were admitted to international tournaments, Mikhail Kolyada back on the ice.

Earlier, 28-year-old Kolyada on Maxim Trankov’s Free Program podcast announced his decision to put his sports career on hold.

– Will Kolyada continue his career? I can’t know for sure here. But he’s still an experienced adult athlete, and it’s clear that some sores have accumulated. At least now you can take care of your health, heal all this, and when the time is better for figure skating, when there are international tournaments again, it is quite possible that Misha will want to return to competitions. I completely understand his desire. This is quite a competent decision (to suspend a career).

– That is, in the future he has good prospects in figure skating?

“He’s still one of our best solo skaters. It is indisputable,” Kovtun told a correspondent.

Kolyada won a silver medal at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics in the team competition, he also won a bronze medal at the 2018 World Championships and two bronze medals at the European Championships in individual skating. In 2021 he won the World Team Championship, in 2017 he became the silver medalist of the tournament. The skater also won the Russian championship three times.

Source : MatchTV

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