The doctor told when to expect full recovery from Shcherbakova after mononucleosis

Former Russian national hockey team doctor Alexander Rezepov believes that the treatment of the Olympic figure skating champion Anna Shcherbakova mononucleosis will take about two weeks.

Earlier, Sport24 reported that Shcherbakova suspended training at Eteri Tutberidze’s team preparatory camp due to mononucleosis.

– This is an unpleasant, but not terrible disease, requiring quite a long treatment with antibiotic therapy and subsequent control. It is one of the varieties of herpes virus infection. It happens easily in childhood, but the older the person, the more difficult it is. Of course, the fact that she is 19 years old will affect the progression of the disease, but a lot depends on the immune system, on how much virus has entered the body. Many factors can influence.

If she does not train and exert high loads on her body during treatment, there will be no consequences for her health. As a rule, complications are rare. The treatment process is quite long and requires additional monitoring, blood tests. Sometimes there are rashes of a certain type, and they also need to be monitored, treated in a special way.

This infection is similar to herpes. All people are infected with it, and it is one of the options for the evolution of herpes, but in a more serious form that takes time to recover. Moreover, she is always dangerous for others. I think the responsible doctors recommended isolating yourself during the temperature and not putting others and your body at risk by exercising at that time.

Treatment will take about two weeks, and full recovery and return should be expected in about three weeks. But here, of course, it also depends on how the disease will progress, whether there will be any complications,” Rezepov told

Shcherbakova, 19, is the gold medal winner of the 2022 Games in the individual figure skaters’ tournament. The athlete entered the reserve team of Russia for the new season.

Source : MatchTV

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