Athletistic/Figure Skating. Today, July 11, a statement from the Olympic Committee of the Republic of Korea appeared on the Internet, asking the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to investigate the recent doping admissions of the first Russian Olympic champion in women’s individual skating, Adelina Sotnikova.

South Korean fans did not stand aside and began to vehemently criticize the Russian figure skater on social media.

One of the fans wrote: “Bring back the gold!”.

Many other fans expressed their anger, agreeing with this position. One of the comments read, “But she was bad enough already. Give the medal back, you moth.”

Another said: “What a flight! I remember that day very well. Our whole family set off their alarms to watch Yoon Ah Kim’s rental of the year. We really applauded his clean performance. I’m still in angry that this moth-like girl won gold.” “.

One of the fans called Sotnikova’s act cowardly and asked why she didn’t admit to using doping earlier in the Olympics, but instead spoke about it 9 years later.

  • IOC – on the procedure with Sotnikova at the Sochi Games: “There were no doping cases”

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