“There is no such tightness in the show jumping championship as at the stage of the Russian Grand Prix” – group coach Mishina

Group GPT coach Egor Cheloshkin Alexei Mishin told that he considers the show jumping tournament to be the most festive start to the season in terms of atmosphere.

The Russian figure skating show jumping championship will be held from December 1 to 4 in St. Petersburg. Among Cheloshkin’s students are Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Evgeny Semenenko, Matvey Vetlugin, Gleb Lutfullin.

— Of course, I am happy that representatives from different regions and cities come to visit us. There is more of a festive atmosphere at the show jumping championship than at the Russian championship, for example, where the tension is out of scale.

Remember how many fans there were at the first tournament in 2022 and how each participant was supported! Someone tried new jumps or ejections for themselves. Other athletes have shown stability in performing ultra-si jumps. Of course, it’s interesting and everyone likes it. It’s good that there are events like that! There is no such tightness in the show jumping championship as at any stage of the Russian Grand Prix, Cheloshkin told .

Source : MatchTV

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