“I decided to put my career on hold. I work as a coach in the youth group “- figure skater Shustitsky

Figure skater Alexander Shustitsky, who practiced ice dancing, told he was putting his career on hold.

Shustitsky played in a duet with Alexandra Kravchenko, with whom he won the bronze medal at the Russian Grand Prix.

For several reasons, I decided to put my career on hold. I have long wanted to try myself in this role. And I’m grateful to my coaches for listening to my desire and accepting me. We have a good coaching staff, I work with the younger group. I have many projects, some of which are already beginning to materialize. I want to say a big thank you to Sasha [Кравченко] for this season and for the fact that she understood and accepted my decision.

Last year was psychologically difficult for me and I’m glad Sasha was there. We have a good relationship with her. Both are on the same rink, – said Shustitsky “”.

Source : MatchTV

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