“The pin just did not hit the leg” – figure skater Frolova told a story of betrayal

Russian figure skater Anna Frolova told a story of betrayal from his childhood.

– Were there times with you where someone tried to put you in figure skating?

– There was a situation in my 11-12 years. I won’t say on which rink it happened. I once got a rusty pin stuck in the insole of a skate. And I didn’t notice it. She stayed, but I went to training, skated, everything was fine – my leg didn’t hurt.

Perhaps because I had the size of the skates with a margin, I grew up, half a centimeter remained. After the ice, my mother took out the insoles to dry and did not understand what was happening. The pin just didn’t hit my leg, you could say I was born with a shirt on. I know a lot of people around have encountered this, but that’s not the case anymore at adult level,” Sport24 quoted Frolova as saying.

Anna Frolova, 17, is a bronze medalist at the 2020 Youth Olympics.


Source : MatchTV

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