Brusnikina – that the World Aquaitcs office did not discuss the issue of Russians: “Disappointed, uncertainty is the worst thing”

President of the Russian Synchronized Swimming Federation Olga Brusnikina in a conversation with , she admitted that she was disappointed that she had to remain in the dark about the possible admission of Russians to the starts under the auspices of World Aquatics.

On July 14, a meeting of the bureau of World Aquatics was held, but the conclusions of the commission on the possible return of Russians to competitions under the auspices of the international federation were not presented there. The Ukrainian side called for the abolition of the All-Russian Swimming Federation (VFTU), but World Aquatics rejected this proposal.

– We expected the review of this matter to be done in the office, it was announced by World Aquatics.

Disappointed that we are left in the dark and waiting again. I won’t hide it, I wasn’t counting on any admission decision that didn’t repeat the IOC’s recommendations. Right now it’s more frustrating that the question wasn’t even considered. We were ready for any decision, but uncertainty is the worst. The only certainty is that our suspension remains in effect.

It is difficult to say why the matter was not brought to the office – maybe there are internal disagreements, or maybe the international federation is happy with everything when a team as strong does not participate in the competition.

– But at the same time it was decided to reject the proposal to abolish the All-Russian Swimming Federation.

— Of course, we are happy to remain members of World Aquatics, which is in no hurry to make radical decisions. But, unfortunately, this does not make it easy for athletes and coaches to plan their training. We remain in uncertainty – to prepare for the World Championships or to plan the National Team season without returning to the competitions under the World Aquatics umbrella.

– Is there a chance that this issue will be brought before Congress?

– I have no information about it. This particular issue is not on the agenda of the congress. There is a ‘miscellaneous’ section, maybe in this ‘miscellaneous’, which is not so important, we will hear some clarification about our problem,” Brusnikina told .

Source : MatchTV

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