“In the next five years, we will get the non-binary category in all international competitions. As they say, “screen” – Stepanova

Olympic cross-country skiing champion Veronika Stepanova in her column on , she wrote what she thinks is the danger of separating non-binary athletes into a separate category in competitions, and what the solution to the problem should be.

Previously, Russian Ski Racing Federation President Elena Vyalbe expressed the view that separate Olympics should be held for non-binary athletes. American figure skater Timothy Leduc, in pair skating, at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, has been recognized as the first non-binary person in the history of the Games. Non-binary people do not categorize themselves as “man” or “woman”.

– Over the next five years, we will receive the non-binary category at all international competitions. As they say, “screen”. ” And you ? they will say. Well, a number of people will declare themselves not women or men, but someone else and let them run away separately from you, is that too bad? First, yes, sorry. The prize money in this category, of course, will be set at the level of the traditional genders – otherwise, “sex discrimination” will work. And money in our sport and so, to put it mildly, is scarce. They’ll cut us off – they’ll give them back. Or does anyone think that such an “advanced agenda” of new sponsors will lead to cross-country skiing?

Secondly, all the logistics of the competition will fly – women’s and men’s races are not easy to hold in a short winter day, but you have to hold three, for “non-binaries” everything will be separate. And no matter how many people show up there – we will immediately be reminded that the first women’s ski races were also five times lower than the men’s in terms of the number of participants, that a hundred years ago there were a lot of opponents of women’s sport in principle, etc. Find a way to justify.

In this case, I think the solution should be simple: until the number of non-binary skiers exceeds, say, 50% in the app for women’s races, in real life, there won’t be competition for them. And in theory and “in principle” they can enter whatever they want,” Stepanova wrote.

Source : MatchTV

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