Athletistic/ Figure Skating. In January this year, Olympic figure skating champion Roman Kostomarov ended up in hospital with pneumonia. Ventilator treatment led to the development of necrosis. For this reason, Kostomarov’s limbs were amputated. Recently, the Olympic champion underwent a prosthetic intervention and is already training. Italian coach Barbara Puzar-Poli spoke about Kostomarov.

– I want to ask you a favor. As you know, I’m not on social media, it’s my conscious decision. And I wanted to ask… Maybe you could send a message to Roman Kostomarov? Message of hope. He rode next to me and I watched him eagerly as he faced these challenges. Now I see him coming back to life. I want to wish you, Roman, the best. He really is a very strong person. I already showed it on the ice when I won the Olympics, but now…it’s just wow! I’m very proud of him, just bravo. Excellent doctors – so I understand that in Russia you have good hospitals, good doctors. They performed a miracle. I am so happy for him, for Oksana Domnina and for his family and children. It’s just amazing. Please tell him he is a hero,” Fusar-Poli said in an interview with SE.

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