Athletistic/Chess. Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, hosted the decisive match between Ian Nepomniachtchi, a Russian chess player ranked fifth in the world, and Vidit Gujrati, a chess player from India, ranked 23rd in the world, in 1/8 of World Cup final. Chess cup. In the tie-break of the fourth game with a score of 3:1, Gujrati prevailed, securing a place in the quarter-finals of this prestigious tournament, while Nepomniachtchi completed his performance in this competition.

The final score of the match between Nepomniachtchi and Gujrati was 4:2 in favor of the Indian chess player. In two games at classic time control, two draws were recorded. In the decisive tie-break with shortened time control, Gujrati was stronger.

It is important to note that Nepomniachtchi was the last Russian participant in the Men’s Chess World Cup.

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