The coach of the Russian national track cycling team – on the Junior World Championship: “The sports community welcomed us”

Vladimir Kiriltsev, coach of the Russian national track cycling team, told that he was worried about the reaction of the public to the participation of Russian athletes in the Junior World Championships in Cali (Colombia), but the coaches foreigners showed a good attitude.

Russian cyclists, participating in the tournament in neutral status, won three gold medals in the first three days of competition: Nikita Kiriltsev (keirin), Ruslan Kuznetsov (scratch) and Elizaveta Solozobova (sprint).

– I was worried about how the public and coaches from other countries would communicate with us. They welcomed us, for which we thank them very much. The first day they greeted me, a lot of coaches know me, maybe someone greeted me with clenched teeth, I don’t know. But yesterday, when Nikita won, everyone came to congratulate him. Today, even those I don’t know congratulated. I felt that everything was fine, the sports community perceives us perfectly, they like the way we are ready.

Liza showed the best races, none of her competitors can behave in the sprint as she did. After Nikita’s performance, coaches from other countries came to me and congratulated me on my victory. They said how cool he drove, saw everything and controlled everyone. It was very nice to hear, I’m proud of him, – Kiriltsev told “”.

The Cali tournament will end on August 27.

Source : MatchTV

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