Athletistic / Figure skating. Three-time Olympic figure skating champion Irina Rodnina spoke about the moving story with Pyotr Gumennik. The Russian figure skater was banned from performing during skating tests to the song by the band Rammstein.

According to Rodnina, journalists paid too much attention to this topic.

“There is nothing supernatural. I would like to advise Petya to be more serious in choosing musical accompaniment for his programs.

They probably explained to Petya why this was possible and why it was not. I don’t think they just said it was impossible. It seems that it would be better to ask this question: did Petya know about this and why exactly was he told not to play to this music?

Trankov – on Gumennik’s ban on performing under Rammsterin: “I want all this nonsense to end one day”

I will say my “fe”: the whole team showed their programs, but everyone is wondering why they can’t perform in Rammstein, are there no other topics? Nothing else interests me. Two teams competed against each other – the rank and file and the youth, and what you are interested in are some small problems, not the preparation of the team, nor the level of performance – no! You found a stain, a piece of rot, and now you unroll it. What’s the point ? » Match TV quotes Rodnina.

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