Aliyev: Surkis was ready to pay for a clinic for the rehabilitation of Milevsky, but he himself does not want it

The sad information from Evgeny Seleznev was confirmed

Former Dynamo midfielder Alexander Aliev confirmed the words Evgenia Selezneva about your friend Artem Milevsky and his problems.

“Yesterday [20 сентября] Artem had to go to the hospital and undergo rehabilitation, we agreed with the doctor about everything. Igor Surkis was ready to pay for all this; he himself told me to do this. But to this day the person does not answer the phone. He doesn’t want to.”

“For five or six months I have been trying to help Kent, but the man does not hear me. He personally doesn’t want this.”

Earlier, Seleznev also announced his attempts to help Artem, who “turned off the road.”

Aliev and Milevsky have been friends since the days of the Dynamo Academy. The duo is known for their non-football adventures and lifestyle specific to professional football players. According to the recollections of their ex-partner Milos Ninkovic, after separate sprees, he and Milevsky “had high blood pressure.”

Dynamo President Igor Surkis back in 2021, when Milevsky was finishing his game in Minai, stated the following about him: “If Milevsky has not yet quit playing football, then imagine his health… maybe he didn’t smoke or drink much.”

Last year it was reported that Artem remained in Kyiv and volunteered after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion. Refused to join the defense at Aliyev’s suggestion. Subsequently, information appeared about his participation in the film “Dovbush” as an episodic character.

Source: Sportarena

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