Salnikov on the decision of the European Aquatic Congress: “It contradicts the decision of the World Swimming Congress”

President of the All-Russian Swimming Federation Vladimir Salnikov in a conversation with , he noted that if the position of European Aquatics actually remains in its original form after the Russians’ suspension, it even contradicts the recent decision of World Aquatics.

European Aquatics (formerly LEN, European Swimming League) previously told that its position on admitting the Russians remains the same. Previously, the Russians were suspended from competitions under the auspices of European Aquatics.

In September, World Aquatics published the criteria for admitting Russians to races held under its auspices.

— At first, they opposed in principle Russian athletes from participating in competitions under their auspices. The current situation remains the same: it is, as we understand, a refusal of access to European aquatic departures. In this case, such a position even contradicts the decision of World Aquatics, which announced the neutrality criteria,” Salnikov told .

Source : MatchTV

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