Vaitsekhovskaya believes Davis and Smolkin can become Olympic champions on Team USA

Olympic diving champion Elena Vaitsekhovskaya has spoken about the possible change of nationality of the Russian duo Diana Davis / Gleb Smolkin who practices ice dancing.

On June 29, The Skating Lessons podcast reported that Davis and Smolkin would be screened at the United States Figure Skating Federation on June 30.

– On Thursday, Diana Davis and Gleb Smolkin will be reviewed by the United States Figure Skating Federation, the sport citizenship change is just around the corner, and that’s actually very good no matter how you look at it.

Good for Athletes: Unlike their Russian counterparts, they will have a great opportunity to compete and grow among top competitors. Considering that the United States currently only has who knows what level of new generation dancers, but that Diana and Gleb are progressing rapidly, it is quite possible that the Russian duo will soon determine the face of American dances.

In this scenario, Eteri Tutberidze will have a real chance to see her daughter become an Olympic champion in the team championship: everything is in order with single skaters in the USA, most likely there will be no outright hegemony of our country in the women’s skating at the 2026 Games, and with a high probability, the United States will become one of the team leaders’ favorites. Diana and Gleb will just have to break into the Olympic team. True, for this, skaters will have to marry in order to provide the necessary citizenship for the partner. But, judging by the document circulating on the Internet, the marriage license (marriage license) was received on March 18.

For Russian dances, such an approach also has advantages. No matter how much Davis and Smolkin ride, in Russia they will always be accompanied by a train of robbers, and the results will be in question. Despite the position of third couple in the country, Diana and Gleb were hardly objective last season, which greatly upset those who were unable to earn a place in the Olympic team. Now the rivals have the opportunity to compete honestly (as far as possible in ice dancing) and with the “couple of thieves” – in absentia. Motivation too. We are waiting for the development of events, in short, Vaitsekhovskaya wrote in her Telegram channel.

It was previously reported that Davis and Smolkin got married on March 18, 2022 in Clark County, Nevada.

Last season, the couple won the silver medal in the Russian championship and showed the 14th result at the Beijing Olympics.

Source : MatchTV

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