“I don’t know anyone willing to play in such conditions. This is just a humiliation” – Salnikov on World Aquatics’ demands on Russian athletes

President of the All-Russian Swimming Federation Vladimir Salnikov on the air of the program “There is a subject” on “” he called the demands of World Aquatics towards Russian athletes humiliation.

Previously it became known that the World Aquatics statement invited Russian athletes claiming neutral status to indicate the existence of contracts with military departments and to indicate whether any statements were made about the situation in Ukraine, including on the networks social. In the statement, obtained by , athletes are asked to accept World Aquatics’ eligibility criteria, based on recommendations from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Admission is carried out only in individual events, where one person competes, there is a ban on communication with the media and a limit on the number of people declared in a discipline for neutral status.

— Is there really a document containing requirements that must be signed? Is the Federation really going to file a complaint?

– There is a document. It is received by an athlete who declares to World Aquatics his desire to compete in neutral status. The procedure is simple: he completes a declaration in accordance with the previously published criteria. And a special commission from World Aquatics is thinking about it itself or with third-party organizations.

This did not expand the capabilities of our athletes, but reduced their capabilities almost to zero. I don’t know anyone willing to speak in such terms. But in general opinion it is simply a humiliation,” Salnikov said on .

At the end of March, the IOC also announced recommendations for the admission of Russian and Belarusian athletes to international competitions. Recommendations include individual admission, neutral status, banning participation in team sports, and banning the participation of athletes associated with security forces or who have expressed support for the SVO.

Source : MatchTV

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