Athletistic / Figure skating. Famous Russian blogger Danya Milokhin spoke about his relationship with figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva. They played together on the Ice Age project.

The media attributed the affair to Milokhin and Medvedeva. According to the blogger, he had a crush on the 2018 Olympic silver medalist.

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“As if there was something at the beginning, actually. A cool, pretty girl who skates beautifully.

I watched almost all of her performances and with each performance I was more and more surprised at how feminine she was. We met, everything continued like that, everything was fine, I liked him.

But at some point that topic changed, on my part it was like we just started filming and training together. We became good friends, we had a lot of common jokes, but it was as if there was no real love,” Milokhin said on Madonna Moore’s YouTube channel.