“There was a stress fracture in the talus. Now I started training almost at full strength,” said figure skater Mukhortova.

Figure skater Anastasia Mukhortova practicing pair skating with Dmitry Evgenev told that she suffered from a stress fracture of the talus, which could not be detected for a long time.

Earlier on social networks, the figure skater said that their couple missed the skate tests of the Russian national team due to injury.

—How is your health now? How serious was the injury?

— Now my health is more or less better. In mid-July, my right leg started to hurt strangely in my skate – sometimes I couldn’t walk on it, then it would disappear and I could train calmly. But after a few days, the problem got worse. There was a stress fracture of the talus and problems with the ligament, but, unfortunately, this became clear only in mid-August, and before that I did not have enough rest, because for a long time we couldn’t figure out what it was exactly. hurt in order to make a correct diagnosis.

The pain returned periodically and treatment was delayed. Now I started training almost at full strength, gradually adding loads, ”Mukhortova told .

Mukhortova and Evgeniev are silver medalists at the Russian Grand Prix.

Source : MatchTV

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