A French sports doctor said WADA had no evidence confirming the effect of the drug found in Valieva’s sample.

French sports doctor Jean-Pierre de Mondenard categorically stated that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has in no way proven the influence of a banned drug found in the Russian figure skater’s doping sample. Kamila Valieva to improve sports performance.

Valieva at the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing helped the Russian team win gold in the team competition. Before the personal tournament, it became known that the banned drug trimetazidine was found during the doping test of the figure skater of the Russian championship. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) admitted the Russian to the individual competitions of the Games, where she took fourth place. However, the award of the winners of the team tournament has not yet taken place due to the investigation.

“This drug improves the lives of patients with cardiovascular diseases, but certainly not their sports performance. WADA does not and has never had any evidence confirming that trimetazidine affects athletic performance.

In the past, I defended a wrestler who failed a drug test because of this drug. I asked WADA to provide me with the medical protocols on the basis of which this was banned. I never received a response from them. This drug was invented in 1964 and did not appear on the AMA list until 50 years later. Until now, neither the laboratory that produced it nor WADA have conducted a single study confirming its effectiveness in sport.

No studies have shown that trimetazidine improves athletic performance. Thus, WADA is violating its own rules, Mondenar said, as quoted by Radio-Canada Sports.

A WADA representative, in response to a source’s query, clarified that trimetazidine was included on the list of banned substances in 2014 because it meets at least two of the three criteria required to appear on this list, namely: it is capable of improving and/or actually improves sports performance, as evidenced by “numerous scientific publications in the public domain”. The world organization does not specify the nature and origin of these studies.

The closed CAS hearings on the Valieva case will take place on September 26, 27, 28 as well as September 29 (if necessary).

Source : MatchTV

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