Figure skater Akhantieva about the end of her career: “I realized that something was unlikely to happen. It’s difficult for me to find a partner”

Russian figure skater Ksenia Akhantieva in an interview with , she said she was unlikely to resume her sporting career, so she was trying her hand at coaching.

Akhantieva, along with her former partner Valery Kolesov, is the silver medalist of the 2020 World Junior Championships and the Russian Junior Championships, as well as the bronze medalist of the Grand Prix Final among juniors. During the 2021 offseason, the skaters left coaches Lyudmila and Nikolai Velikov for the group of Dmitry Savin and Fedor Klimov. In April 2022, Klimov announced the couple’s breakup, Kolesov was now performing with Yasmina Kadyrova. According to Akhatyeva, she hasn’t skated since last summer.

— Do you still hope to return to sport?

“I wish I could, but I’ve grown up.” Finding a suitable partner in size and age has become difficult. I thought about everything for a long time, waited for new chances…

Now I have come to understand that it is unlikely that anything will happen. I immersed myself in studies, trying my hand at coaching, looking for my path.

– Is it really that difficult for a man to find a partner? There is an opinion that girls are more valued in their most dangerous form than, for example, in dancing.

“I think it all coincided like that, it’s unfortunate for me.” During the 2022 offseason, many new couples of guys my age formed, so now there are no more boys available. Also, some potential candidates are not ready to move to Sochi, but I want to stay with my coaches.

“Didn’t you regret leaving the Velikovs?” After all, it was with them that you won the main medals, and sometimes it is useful to return to your native atmosphere.

—There were such thoughts. Maybe I would have gone to the academy. But after Sochi, I didn’t want to radically change anything in my life. Moreover, she considered the worsening of her health problems as a sign that it was time to stop,” Akhantieva told .

Source : MatchTV

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