“It is an unscrupulous supplier, but in any case it is the fault of the federation.” Guberniev – about the problems of roller skating in Ufa

Commentator Dmitry Guberniev told that the problem with the equipment of athletes of the Russian Biathlon Championship among boys and girls is the fault of the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU).

Earlier, the press secretary of the SBR, Sergei Averyanov, said that “the counterpart brought to Ufa roller skates of such quality that it would be scary to let athletes use them on the track.”

— This is an unscrupulous supplier, but in any case, it is a mistake by the federation – neither the first nor the last. The organizer provided old roller skates of poor quality. I hope Vanya Melikhov (vice president of RBU – ) will solve the problem on the spot, he is a great professional. I know that people from Ufa cannot access the leadership of the SBR. Even high-ranking sports officials cannot reach Viktor Maigurov by phone. Victor is the busiest person in the country, he does not manage social networks, but constant work with documents does his job. The man is very busy, and really, why get distracted by calls from a certain Ufa,” Guberniev told .

The Russian Summer Biathlon Championship among boys and girls aged 17-18 will be held in Ufa from September 26 to October 2.

Source : MatchTV

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