Athletistic / Biathlon. Former Russian biathlete, world champion Anton Shipulin spoke about the change of citizenship of Russian athletes. Shipulin, a State Duma deputy, said he was unhappy with the change in citizenship of athletes on whom the state spent a lot of money.

Previously, Russian Deputy Sports Minister Alexei Morozov announced the creation of the concept of “golden hundred”. It will include high-profile athletes and is expected to help limit citizenship change.

A Match TV journalist reported that there were no roller skiers at the Russian biathlon championship

“This is one of the most urgent issues, although all the issues discussed in the working groups were relevant. Under current conditions, we understand that athletes are not receiving the funds they received ago several years. Athletes and coaches need to be stimulated.

I really liked that the Ministry of Sports is working on this issue and plans to increase salaries up to 200 thousand rubles. It’s a good incentive for national team athletes.

In addition, the payment procedure for the Friendship Games has been determined, it will be the same as for the Olympic Games. This is great, but we need to think about additional stimulation for athletes who now cannot travel to international competitions.

However, the Ministry of Sports is constantly working on this, and it is very important to convey this information to athletes so that they do not think about changing their citizenship and do not go to other countries. I would not like athletes who trained with us at the expense of budgetary funds to leave for other countries to participate in international competitions, ”Shipulin quotes Match TV.