Stepanova: “I will never stay still. I learned from Elena Vyalbe, who was not afraid of conflicts”

Olympic champion Veronica Stepanova in her column on the website, she wrote that she would never hesitate to express her opinion, because she admires the three-time winner of the Games and the president of the Russian Ski Racing Federation (FLGR). Elena Vyalbe.

— I am saddened by the situation of Russian journalism, especially in print. Sometimes people accuse me of a sort of leavened patriotism. I do not accept reproaches – I write and speak from my own feelings: for example, conditions for vocational training in Malinovka or Tyumen are now much better than in Ramsau or Toblach, relatively speaking.

But writing journalism in Scandinavia is much more professional than back home. Our “scribes” only have one genre: a long interview with an athlete about everything that’s happening in the world. A correspondent from Dagbladet or Nettavissen almost always writes about the issue – interviews several athletes at once, provides statistics, graphs, all this is accompanied by professional, not stolen photos from the athletes’ social networks. I understand that it is much longer, more difficult, more expensive, but much better. And above all, hundreds of thousands of people read such material on ski racing. And it’s in little Norway. And ours have hundreds, but not thousands.

But I’m just trying to perform and write for hundreds of thousands of people. Without incompetent intermediaries. If there are any skilled ones, that will be another story. Although I don’t see any modern professionals working in the spirit of the 21st century, and not the last century, in sports journalism. With one big exception: . That’s why I cooperate with Match. Thus, the best skiers – like Legkov or Panjinski – after finishing their career, become commentators on the “Match” and not columnists in newspapers/online.

I don’t think such frankness will make my life and career easier. But I don’t see the point in remaining silent. Of course, nothing will change for the better.

At the beginning, even among those close to me, many people wanted to dissuade me. In the spirit of “sit quietly – don’t make a fuss”. That’s not me, I’ll never sit still. Do you know who I learned from? Elena Vyalbe, who was not afraid of conflicts with her superiors and throughout her sports career did what she saw fit. And when I missed the Olympics because of my pregnancy, and when I took the microphone and publicly condemned my teammates. More than 25 years have passed. Who remembers these colleagues and talks about them now? But Vyalbe is making headlines. So I have a pretty clear idea of ​​who to make my life with – and I advise it to everyone,” Stepanova wrote in a column on the website.

Stepanova won gold at the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing in the relay.

Source : MatchTV

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