Athletistic / Figure skating. Famous coach Nina Moser responded to comments made by Canadian figure skater Megan Duhamel. Earlier, Duhamel, commenting on the comments of American Vincent Zhou, who accused Russian figure skaters of doping, said that she also had suspicions.

Duhamel said figure skaters Stolbova and Klimov walked with Dr. Shvetsky after warming up. Duhamel also claims that he was told that in Russia, instead of food, figure skaters used a certain black substance that looks like resin.

Tarasova responded harshly to Duhamel, who suspected Russian skaters of doping

Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov, who became Olympic champions in 2014, trained in the Moser group.

“It’s completely absurd. We’ve never practiced these things at all. She’s lying. Just a far-fetched story,” Moser is quoted in Sport-Express.