Athletistic / Diving. World and European diving champion, Russian Svetlana Timoshinina, was the victim of scammers. The criminals defrauded the legendary athlete of more than a million rubles.

According to the Mash telegram channel, the scammers wrote a message to Timoshinina in a telegram allegedly from Stanislav Druzhinin, the current president of the Russian Diving Federation. Svetlana did not suspect anything when she saw a photo of an official she knew in the header of her profile and began to read the message. Timoshinina would soon receive a call from the organization and receive all instructions.

Then she received a call from an unknown number on her phone, in which Timoshinina was informed that she was now in danger: a criminal case could have been opened against her for transferring money from accounts to hostile countries. After that, the athlete allegedly received a call from the FSB and the Central Bank informing him of the need to transfer money to a “secure account”. As a result, Timoshinina withdrew the money and handed it to the courier. Only after some time did the athlete realize that she had been deceived, after which she contacted the police.

Currently, it is known that a criminal case has been opened under the article “Fraud”.