Druzhinin: “We cannot always offer psychological protection from imaginary threats and blackmail by telephone scammers”

President of the Russian Diving Federation Stanislav Druzhinin on his Telegram channel he commented on the situation around Svetlana Timoshinina, who was called by scammers on his behalf.

Earlier, the Telegram 112 channel reported that, in the name of Druzhinin, scammers defrauded Timoshinina of a million rubles.

“In my name and using my photo, the scammers sent a threatening message on Telegram to our respected coach and fraudulently embezzled her of her savings. Unfortunately, we cannot always offer psychological protection against the imaginary threats and blackmail of telephone fraudsters. In this particular case, there was a simple way to immediately find out about the situation: contact me directly, the phone number and official accounts are well known to the national team and coaching staff, “Druzhinin wrote on his Telegram channel.

Timoshinina is a four-time European diving champion.

Source : MatchTV

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