“We don’t need stupid athletes. Well done Gumennik! — Tarasova about the skater’s program to the song by Rammstein

Athletes need to protect their creative interests, it’s great that a figure skater Pierre Gumennik defends the music he wants to play to and found an option with the Russian text, the honored coach of the USSR told Tatyana Tarasova .

Music editor Alexander Goldstein previously told that Gumennik had left music from the song Sonne by Rammstein in the short program, but that the lyrics would now be in Russian rather than German and that the music itself would sound different .

— It’s great that Petya stands up for the music he wants to play and found an option with Russian lyrics. And generally speaking, were this song and its German lyrics banned? I don’t know the lyrics, but I think there was nothing like that there, otherwise the song itself would have been banned a long time ago. But it’s a popular band that a lot of people like, and apparently Gumennik does too. Athletes must defend their creative interests, their creativity. We don’t need stupid athletes. Well done Petya! – Tarasova told .

Gumennik was preparing a short program for the current season to the song Rammstein. He presented this program this summer during Tamara Moskvina’s master class, and during the skating tests of the Russian national team, the skater performed last season’s short program.

Gumennik later clarified that he and the coaches were forced to abandon the new production. Later it became known that the reason for this was in a letter from Evgeny Kartushin to the Russian Ministry of Sports, in which he called the Russian athlete’s skating under Rammstein “unpatriotic.”

In the future, Gumennik will skate to a significantly revised composition, the basis of which will remain the same Rammstein song.

Source : MatchTV

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