Former student of Moskvina joined new coaches and is looking for a partner

Former student of Moskvina joined new coaches and is looking for a partner

Figure skater Ekaterina Petushkova told that she intends to continue her career and is actively looking for a new partner.

Petushkova has been paired with Evgeniy Malikov since 2018. Together they have won Junior Grand Prix medals and trained under Arthur Minchuk and Nikolai Moroshkin. The last time the couple performed was at a master class at Tamara Moskvina’s club in the summer of 2022. Last season, the skaters did not participate in the competitions, and in August 2023, Moskvina announced that they had retired.

“I now skate alone, I stay in shape and I am looking for a new partner. » More in Tamara Nikolaevna’s club. It’s difficult for me because I’m big on pair skating. But I’m not finished! I would not like to announce the name of the coaching group yet.

— Did you have to break up with Evgeniy because of a height difference?

– I can’t say exactly. Last August, I fell off a rack and suffered severe head trauma. She was treated for a long time and recovered at home. As a result, Zhenya and I did not have time to properly prepare for the season and did not perform well in skating tests. Soon, they announced to us that the relationship had ended. My wife started looking for a new partner. He skated all last season, but apparently no one was found. I don’t know for sure, but it seems like Zhenya is done with the sport.

— You came to the Panin-Kolomenkin Memorial. Who were you rooting for?

— I am a crazy fan of Matvey Vetlugin. At the tournament, I volunteered as a representative of my university: I opened the door before the athletes entered the field, asked them to kiss and hug, etc. I just watched the couples’ performances and admired them,” Petushkova told .

Source : MatchTV

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