Athletistic/ Figure skating. Among people, many distinguish between introverts and extroverts. 2022 Olympic silver medalist Alexandra Trusova explained what type she considers herself to be.

– Am I introverted or extroverted? I can’t classify myself as one type or the other, because I really enjoy communicating with people. That is, if I choose solitude or communication with a company, I will choose the company. Especially if I like these people, I feel good with them, I will communicate with them. But I can’t say it’s easy for me to talk to everyone. It’s not like I’m coming to an unfamiliar place, where there are a lot of people I don’t know, I’m going to go up and communicate with them like friends. No, that doesn’t exist either. I’m embarrassed to come. I can only come if I know someone,” Trusova said in an interview. Youtube channel Okko.

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